SOLILUNA<br> La Nuit Surrealiste at Perpignan – France

La Nuit Surrealiste at Perpignan – France

Date8 April, 2017

VenueCan Di Carlo

LocationPanoramic view Canigou

StatusSold out

La Nuit Surrealiste is a new event created by Mateo Di Carlo that takes place in unusual places (Boat, Bus, Garden, …) while merging the 5 senses, art, magic, circus and music. The festival has several rooms, expo room, travel pack, garden, Catering…

La Nuit Surrealiste features a show live art and an expo room with Presentation of different artists during the its unusual events that embarks on you in a new dream. There is no cure for our madness. La Nuit Surrealiste Team Sound & light magic in madness, introduce you a visual experience & Mapping study for the occasion. An exhibition of sound. La Nuit Surrealiste sets up rooms with different style of music, Dj international, soundsytem Funktion – One.

La Nuit Surréaliste “is an unusual and incredible festival. It brings together all kinds of artists to appeal to the 5 senses of the festival-goers. Indeed, this is what art, magic, circus and electronic music provide. Over a period of one day and / or one evening following the editions, it will propose several rooms in which will be unveiled several of these artists under different kinds of music.

But above all, one of the objectives is to make this one travel and give a second life to places little known, and sometimes to abandon. The principle of this festival is to propose something unusual and to appear surrealist.La Nuit Surrealiste will present you with Great talent during a spectacular show and makes you discover a unique magic show, welcome to another dimension.